Chemistry Evening – Spectrometry

On the evening of Friday 11th October, Concord’s Chemistry students were extremely lucky to be able to analyse their recently-studied practical results using a very rare spectrometry machine. NMR and Infra-red spectrometry machines are very expensive and difficult to get a hold of by schools – Concord’s students were fortunate to be visited by a spectroscopy expert from Newcastle University, who showed, explained and taught our 6.2 students the process of using the spectrometers.

This was not only an enhanced learning experience for young chemistry enthusiasts, but also a very beneficial practical activity, as the event aided students in studying for our current topic, spectroscopy techniques and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR). Furthermore, the results obtained by the students were astonishing! Every sample developed a reading of more than 98% pure. The results would have been very hard to read without the precise industrial tools and high-technology laboratory equipment that the spectroscopy expert used.

Kristijonas – 6.2