Shrewsbury V Chelsea

Not every year we can get a chance to watch Chelsea football club playing against our home town team Shrewsbury town live. But after 11 years, it has finally happening again, in the 4th round of Capital One cup.

We Concordians are very lucky to be able to get this chance to watch a big match the Shrewsbury Town stadium. The staff from Concord did their best to get us tickets and a special thanks must go to the Sports department who might tell us once how they bought 25 tickets when so many wish to watch.

It was finally the day when our half term starts. Also the day of the match we have been waiting for. We all first met in the sports hall having a small briefing on the rules outside school ground. After the briefing we were set to go for to match. On the way to the stadium, the bus was full of excited chatting. We were all discussing what chant we were gonna do during the match. All non-Chelsea fans were making fun of the Chelsea fans from Concord although realizing the quality of the two teams are very different.

We arrived in the stadium with everyone having high hopes in seeing many beautiful goals scored but the first half of the match ended in 0-0 and it rained a lot!! Although we couldn’t see any goals during the first-half, we cheered ourselves by buying some refreshments and snacks during half time in the food stall. Hot dogs, sausage rolls, pies, burgers and many more to help us enjoy the game better.

The second half started very lively, the opening goal being scored after a few minutes by Chelsea and raised the cheering of the Chelsea fans travelling from London. We were seating on the opposite end of the Chelsea fans and kept on chanting to give support for our home team. The atmosphere of the stadium was just crazy, fans everywhere cheering for their team. But obviously the home fans just wouldn’t lose, their chanting became louder and louder as it got closer to the closing minutes.

The match ended in 2-1 to Chelsea winning by only one goal. We all came back still being happy to be able to watch such a big team play and great experience for some of use who had never watched Chelsea play live. Shrewsbury Town came very close and gave a very good match to Chelsea team. We all arrived back at Concord safely being able to get a lift to each of our boarding houses by Mr. Canney. We all had a good time and it was a terrific start for our half term. All the students who went for the game would like to thank Mr. Tozer, Mr. Canney and Mr. Braddick as well as Mrs Barnes from accounts who queued nite and day to get the tickets and for making this trip happen.

Kenzie Sutio 6.1

(Former Chelsea fan now supporting Shrewsbury Town!)