We Will Rock You Update!

Greetings, everyone! It is Khashoggi bringing you an update of We Will Rock You: School Edition production!

January just passed and we are now in February, which means we are finally in the month when We Will Rock You: School Edition gets shown in Concord, right in our very own Morris Building Theatre.

Rehearsals are going on at an incredible pace! With a whole day on Sunday and 4 hours on Monday, the entire team of our musical production have been working extra hard to put on a great show for all our VIPs! Apart from the singing and acting – which are obviously essential – and the star of the show, major breakthroughs and attention to detail on the audio, choreography, stage effects and props are also bringing the musical to life.

A big thanks to Ms Russell, our Drama teacher, for all the stage directions and encouragements in acting she gave. Massive applause also go to Ms Perrins for all the time she spends in front of the piano and musical scores, training us all to sing the right melodies, no matter if you are a lead, soprano, alto or backing vocal. Special ‘shoutouts’ also go to Mrs Weaver, Mr Gluck, Mr Bannister, Mr Henry, Ms Tonks, Ms Archer, Mr Hotchkiss, and many more who have and are helping with the show.

This Friday, the set will finally arrive! So, we will get to do a run on the complete set, which is very exciting indeed! More on that from the Killer Queen, next week…

That’s all from me, Khashoggi signing off!

Kenneth – 6.2