An Inspiring Research Lab Placement

Three Concord sixth form students have gained valuable insights into future cancer treatments, as part of an exciting research placement.

The students joined Professor Wang, Dr Kannappans and the research team at the University of Wolverhampton, who are currently investigating the treatment of aggressive, resistant cancers with high mortality rates, such as pancreatic cancer, brain tumours and lung cancer, with the aim of improving patient outcomes. Read the full story on the Concord College website.

“It was such a valuable opportunity to be able to witness a notable medical project first-hand, by the researchers at the University of Wolverhampton. Their ideas of using existing medications in the market but through different methods left me in awe. I did not realise there were such ways to help fight cancer.

Whilst there, we learnt the processes of culturing cells, testing different medicines and applying different doses, using an array of methods and high-end equipment. It was spectacular.

With regards to their research, it was an eye-opening experience to witness such a significant project being conducted. We were learning things way beyond our syllabus and we were able to expand our understanding through our existing knowledge – which enforced a good foundation for understanding the entire project.

The research team were welcoming and we appreciated their patience with our lesser knowledge. Dr Wang and co were kind mentors and taught us things step-by-step to aid our learning. They explained theories in extreme detail, and helped us grow and learn. This experience was new to us, without a doubt! It’s made us more intrigued by medical research and introduced us to university education too.

We are very grateful for their hospitality, both in our recent education and socially too. It was amazing to have the team share their personal experiences and medical backgrounds with us, and we have left with a deeper understanding of what we can expect in the near future, at university and beyond.”

Doraleen – 6.1