Mandela Charity Movie Night

Last Saturday, the Mandela ‘Charity Movie Night’ team held a screening of the musical film which has been the talk of the year, “The Greatest Showman”. Students and staff spent time together on the lawn just behind Main Hall to watch the film. It was projected onto the back of the building which mimicked the likes of a cinema. There were blankets and benches which were fully occupied, for everyone to enjoy the movie from. The crowd cheered and jeered throughout the movie and some even sang along with the songs. Despite the chilly night, the love and joy shared then managed to make it a warm one, especially on the inside.

As an effort to raise funds for the Severn Hospice Charity, a stall was set up by the team selling pizza, fried chicken, hot chocolate and homemade bubble tea – true favourites of Concord students. Alongside that, raffle tickets were sold too. The efforts put into planning such a meaningful event where the Concord community came together were all well worth it as this event alone raised a sum of £332.75, which was subsequently donated to the Severn Hospice Charity.

Jane – 6.2