Trek Up Tryfan


On the 24 Feb, a small group of 4 students climbed Tryfan in Wales as a team building day and training for the Kenya trip in June with Mr Brown, Mr Canney and Ms Cunliffe. All of us started off tired in the morning, sleeping the whole hour and a half hour journey to North Wales. We stopped by an equipment shop to get fitted with the proper walking boots and also to grab some sandwiches for the mountain. After a short 15-minute drive, we reached the mountain. Mr Brown gave us all maps and a short run-down of the plan for the day.

The hike took a total of 6 hours. Even though some of us were exhausted before the first hour was over, the breathtaking views definitely made up for it. As we climbed the mountain carefully, Mr Brown who was very skilled since he’d been up the mountain more than a hundred times, made sure to check on us every step of the way and pointed out many cool routes and interesting facts about the mountain. Our excitement really peaked as we got to see a light snow shower fall on the mountain in front of us. Pockets of icy snow could be found as we were climbing so we obviously had to stop for the occasional snowball fight. We had a meal break where we ate sandwiches and had hot Ribena!

Our whole journey to the south summit via the Heather Terrace took around 3-4 hours. We were greeted by the most beautiful blue sky. The scene in front of us almost looked like it was a painting. The trek downhill was more challenging and filled with a lot of screams as we stepped into muddy pools that consumed whole boots. Nevertheless, we got to the base of the mountain just after the sky turned dark and celebrated with McDonalds on the way back!

This was definitely a new experience for most of us and we are so grateful to have experienced this 830m mountain climb with the help from all 3 teachers!


Here is what some of us gained from this experience:

“The walk was so surreal and meaningful; I enjoyed every bit of it! The best part was most definitely when we threw snowballs off the cliff together. Team bonding was a success!”

-Risa, 6.1.

“Whoever said coming down was easier lied”

-Shannon, 6.1.


– Written by Tara, 6.1.