Medics Trip to London

The London Medical trip was yet another amazing opportunity given to the aspiring medics of Concord College. We were privileged to receive guided tours of prestigious medical schools in London such as University College London Medical School, Imperial College London, and King’s College London.

Our visit to the well-known Science Museum in South Kensington was very educative and interesting. We went through three major exhibitions; Superbugs – the fight for our lives, Journeys through Medicine, and Wounded: Conflict, Care and Casualties. These exhibitions explored how society responded to challenges of antibiotic resistance as well as displayed medical collections from World Wars. Although the university tours and the visit to The Science Museum were educative and interesting, I found the three hour medical tour by the Blue Badge Guide and our visit to the Old Operating Theatre in Southwark the most thrilling and exciting. I learnt a lot about medical history, medical progress for the past five hundred years and most importantly I had the opportunity to see what operations were like back in the 1800’s and 1900’s.

The medical trip was also quite recreational. Aside from the tours, the science museum and the theatre, we got to spend quality time with our friends. We had a lovely dinner served at Wildwood Italian restaurant and visited Covent Garden, as well as shopping and free time on Oxford Street. This was definitely a good way to take a break after another term of hard work.

I would love to thank the staff who we were with on this trip for their great care and support.

Antoinette – 6.1