Medical Mavericks

Do you want to be a doctor or have a career in medicine? Students in the sixth form at Concord are given a wealth of different support and advice to help them on the road to becoming a doctor in a special medics programme.

Recently a group of aspiring doctors enjoyed an afternoon workshop with the Medical Mavericks. This provided the students with a ‘hands on’ session to use some highly technical equipment including ECG and ultrasound machines. There was a chance to attempt key hole surgery on a simulator  – no real patients were allowed! They also tested the level of  carbon monoxide in their breath which would help to see if a patient is a smoker or a passive smoker. Another activity involved detecting changes in muscle fibres when they contract using a sensor linked to the computer.

The group also had the chance to test their own power output on the static bicycle as well as testing strength and balance.

Thank you to Medical Mavericks team for their enthusiasm and inspiration and to Mrs Ross for the photos!