Concord’s Medical Futures Conference

The medical conference was an extremely engaging, informative and heart-warming experience. It not only provided invaluable insights into the process and strategy for application to medical schools but also gave potential medics the opportunity to catch a glimpse of their future in the present, by meeting with medical representatives from a multitude of top universities.

Overall, the conference was the perfect blend of education, advice and excitement and was an incredible experience for everyone who attended.

Emily – 6.1


Medical Futures Conference 2019

On the 2nd of March 2019, Concord College held its second Medical Futures Conference. A number of lecturers were invited to present talks to potential medical students. In addition, there were sessions set up for meeting different professionals from a variety of medial backgrounds and careers, as well as over 20 medical university representatives and alumni. We also had several workshops including Medic Portal’s ‘Introduction to the UCAT and BMAT Admission Tests’ and interview preparation sessions led by university representatives. Committee members of Concord’s Medical Society and School Prefects spent the day welcoming doctors, lecturers, alumni and approximately 70 external students for this conference.

As a 6.2 who has recently applied to study medicine, I felt that this event was more applicable for those who were preparing to apply. However, it was still an extremely insightful opportunity as meeting the professionals allowed me to understand the field of medicine from a more experienced point of view. I am very grateful for all of the doctors and lecturers who committed their time for this event despite their busy schedules. It gave students a chance to ask questions about the field of medicine they were interested in, that only those in the business could answer – which is truly an opportunity that is hard to come by. Furthermore, the alumni were really helpful, as they understood the situation us students were in, particularly in terms of the transition from boarding school life to independent university life. They were able to give several tips in regards to accommodation and finances, as well as coping with the stress from studies and exams.

My favourite part of the day was the inspiring lecture given by a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, who talked about her interest in musculoskeletal oncology. She introduced a case from a previous operation she had whereby the multidisciplinary team had to discuss the necessity of a bespoke prosthetic. I found it amazing to see how the people involved in the case were not only doctors, but also engineers who designed the implant, physiotherapists, nurses and many other professionals who all worked together to help treat this patient. The lecturer emphasised the importance of teamwork in this field, and I felt that that was something we, as a school, achieved on the day of the conference.

Charmaine – 6.2

Concord’s Medical Futures Conference

Last Saturday, Concord College hosted its first ever “Medical Futures Conference”, not only for aspiring medics from our school, but students from schools all around Shropshire too. We were extremely lucky to have had guests from all across the country to talk to us about our journey as medical students in higher education, as well as the life of a healthcare professional.

We began our informative day with lectures by Afra Jiwa, Dr Gordon Dent and Professor Margaret Callan, where they advised us on ‘what to do’ when applying to medical school. Their advice included ways of writing incredible personal statements, preparing for the strenuous interviews as well as choosing the right medical school. The tip that really stuck with me was from Dr Dent – He suggested to not only look at universities that peaked our interest, but to also look at the schools with application processes that would play in our favour. This is because different universities often focus on different areas of students’ applications.

After a quick lunch break, everyone adjourned to the Science Block where there were healthcare professionals that we could seek advice from in terms of their job scopes, university representatives who hosted informal discussions about the medical courses they offer, and a series of short talks and workshops from other visitors and organisations. My personal favourite was the practical hands-on session by Medical Mavericks, which featured several activities that helped us experience different aspects of medical professions. One activity that particularly caught everyone’s attention was the artificial arm that we could attempt to draw blood out from – just like we would in real life, which I must admit, was not an easy task.

To conclude this enriching conference, Professor Divya Chari gave a keynote speech on the use of tissue engineering to improve stem cell transplantation for nervous system repair and her research associated with it. Her brilliant lecture educated us about a new aspect of medicine and it was the perfect way to end an enjoyable conference.

A massive thanks to Mr Brown, the Medical Society Committee, supporting teachers and everyone else involved for making this astounding conference happen. It definitely helped me and all who attended, and we have gained confidence in our application strategies to attend medical schools. Here’s to an even more fantastic conference next year.

Natalie – 6.1