LawSoc: Comeback

Law is a fascinating phenomenon that penetrates practically every single aspect of our lives, from the contracts our parents signed in relation to our school to the messages and photos we send every day. However, it goes much deeper than that; it forms the very foundation of the society and the world we live in, guarding us from chaos and anarchy, and allowing us to thrive. What makes it even more astonishing is that it is constantly going through numerous metamorphoses as it evolves to suit the needs and the changing nature of our society. This means you will never have to stop learning if you are interested in law. It is a subject that you can study as a hobby, just for a little while, or it can become a passion that lasts a lifetime. No matter what your level of interest is, you are going to enjoy the new Law Society, ‘LawSoc’!

It has been a while since the last session of the old Law Society and it is certainly something that Concord requires, given the high numbers of passionate future lawyers amongst current students. Given this apparent need and our own personal passion for the subject, we have decided that it is time to revive this fantastic extracurricular activity.

The goal of the society is to learn about the various aspects of law and to get us thinking like proper law students. This will both enrich us in terms of personal development and help us with our chosen academic pathways too.

The sessions will have a defined and enjoyable format, so that you won’t get bored of any one particular element…

1) There will be time for general learning. The ‘heads’ or one of the members of the society will introduce and discuss with us a particular concept or aspect of law. We will start with basics and will work our way up to some rather advanced ideas.

2) This will be followed by an in-depth discussion and analysis of an important and interesting legal case.  We will try to approach it in a similar way to how they do in universities, but on a more rudimentary level, of course.

3) Each session you will be introduced to a law-related individual, such as notable academics, judges etc. This will make you more aware of the significant debates, influences and influencers in law.

The things you will learn and your participation will be very useful for your personal statement and potential interview(s), but more importantly for your overall awareness of the wider world.

So come along, and bring friends too!

Roman and Stacey – 6.1