THE ERUDITE CLUB: Live. Know. Enjoy.

There are a lot of different clubs at Concord College, mainly subject-orientated and very specific. However, in a developed society, people always benefit if they have knowledge about how the world works and if they are better-rounded than others. This idea made us think about how we could unite people with different interests and goals in life. That is why we decided to create our ERUDITE club, which helps people to know something about everything.

The structure of each session is the same, but the content changes every time. The significant parts of the sessions are biographies of famous people from science, politics, art or religion and interesting concepts, which could be applied in daily life. They interlace with smaller sections like brief description of some countries; book, fact and quote of the day and music recognition.

Another useful part is that we offer people the chance to talk on the topic they are passionate about. Thereby, they can improve their presentation and discussion skills. Additionally, we have an interactive knowledge check quiz at the end of the session. And for “dessert” we offer the renowned Japanese practice, called “kokology”. In other words, by imagining different unusual situations we discover something new about our subconsciousness.

What are we aiming for? A friendly and cosy atmosphere, where people are not afraid to express themselves and can be sure that their opinions will be heard and valued. We have already had 2 sessions. For the first, only 8 people showed up, however, on the next session we were pleased to welcome 22 people. We, Anastasiia and Azhar, have indeed experienced how the beauty of knowledge and will to succeed has brought together completely different people that help each other to learn something new about life and share what they are passionate about. After all, Concord is like a greenhouse, a place that offers a possibility to try out our abilities and potential. So why not make the most out of it?

Anastasiia and Azhar – 6.1