Induction Week 2019-2020

Arriving at Concord for the first time can be a daunting experience to say the least. Meeting new people in a foreign environment, hearing new languages, being away from home, and all with your first Saturday tests on the horizon can be enough to make you wish you were at home in your bed.  Having experienced this myself just over a year ago, I found myself feeling strangely nostalgic as the other prefects and I greeted the new students arriving at Main Hall on the 4th of September this year.

Just as in the years before, the 2019-2020 prefect team spearheaded the student body’s welcoming efforts. Besides the school-organised activities and events to try and help the new 6.1s settle in and feel at home, the prefects organised the annual ‘induction games’ in the Sports Hall on the nights of the 4th and the 5th, which were meant to be “ice-breaking” and team building exercises, so as to help the new cohort bond as quickly as possible.

Besides the meticulously planned games and activities that the prefects oversaw, there were also the Concord traditions of the dance and the “high five circle”. The former is a dance that the prefects create in the days prior, and subsequently teach to the new students as a means of bonding and having a bit of fun. The latter is a more congratulatory activity, where students sit in pairs facing each other around the circumference of the Sports Hall, and each student present would navigate their way between the two rows, while giving everyone else a high five.

For the rest of the time during the week, the 6.1s took care of miscellaneous matters such as setting up bank accounts, settling in to rooms, having medical checkups and so on. All the while, the 6.2 prefects were juggling university application matters and trying to make the new students feel as welcome as possible.

Fast forward to Saturday, and we celebrated our new arrivals with the annual fireworks display, as well as a disco in West End. The week finally concluded with a water balloon fight on the morning of Sunday the 8th. Thankfully we had some sunshine, because getting wet in the morning breeze was chilly enough as it was!

All in all, the feedback about induction week was that it was a resounding success, and that the new students largely felt welcome at Concord. I believe I speak for my fellow prefects when I say that we had an equally enjoyable time with our new schoolmates as well, and that we are all looking forward to the school year ahead of us.

Luke – 6.2

The Welcome Induction

It is often said that looking for a good seat on your first day of school is hard, but we will never forget the harder task of meeting new people and ‘feeling at home’, especially in a boarding school. Luckily, here at Concord, our Prefects and members of staff have given our new friends the full support, motivation, care and love they needed from the moment they stepped foot into our college. For the first two nights upon arrival of our new Concordians, it has been nothing short of thrill and excitement with the help of a student induction evening filled with fun and games. From the station games that helped overcome the struggles of getting to know each other to the likes of our talented Prefects dancing to the latest hit of “In My Feelings”, these new Concordians could have just had the best time of their lives.

“Two years later having been to induction as a new Form 4 student, I stepped into the sports hall, still slightly nervous – this time as a sixth former now delving into the upper school life. Immediately welcomed by the friendly Prefects, I found myself in a sea of unfamiliar faces. The sports hall, filled with hundreds of people, was buzzing with constant sounds of excitement. After a brief introduction where we got to know each other’s names, we played a series of games organised by the Prefects, ranging from indoor to outdoor activities. The activities challenged patience, attentiveness, leadership and most importantly, teamwork skills. It was especially nice to see how so many people built the basis of new friendships within the span of 2 hours by engaging in conversation, simply starting off with a simple “hello”.

“For the majority of new students, it probably is daunting to be away from home in a foreign country, suddenly having to adapt to a new environment. Therefore, I think the induction here at Concord definitely provided a great opportunity for them to feel welcome and inclusive at the college whilst having fun too. As a returning student, I think it is equally important to attend the event, as it encourages bonding between all students, creating a supportive atmosphere within the sixth form. I’m sure I can say on behalf of everyone that it was an experience to remember.

“Transitioning between GCSE and sixth form will not be easy. Nevertheless, I look forward to the 6.1 year and hope to achieve top results in my AS levels. I’m sure this is an attainable target with the help from the teachers and facilities here at Concord, as well as the motivation given by those surrounding me. I am beyond excited to flourish and grow in this friendly community.” – Rachael, Hong Kong

“I liked the ‘name games’ because they helped me get to know more people” – Esther, Hong Kong

“The induction helps bring the students together” – Gabby, Indonesia

“The experience was fun and interesting” – Kaysha, Malaysia

“It’s been great. I really enjoyed it” – Celia, Hong Kong

“It has been really positive getting to know new people” – Daniel, Indonesia

“It was welcoming and rewarding because I got to make more friends” – Joshua, Malaysia

Natalie – 6.2