Triathlon event added to the House Competition

For the first time ever, Concord College added a triathlon event to the annual House Competition, contributing to the overall winner for this 2018-2019 academic year. There was actually a significant number of events students could participate in, as for the run, cycle and swim, individuals or teams of three could enter and compete in the different components. For each event, the person (or group) had to run 1.6km, do 3.2km of cycling, and a 400m swim. The students who did not join were there to support their friends and cheering them on when they were tired. Happy and optimistic faces were spotted during the competition, as students were having some fantastic times with their friends.

Here is the overall standing at the end of the day, with combined times of entrants:

1st (8pts) PANKHURST – 6h 41m 49s

2nd (6pts) MANDELA – 6h 45m 24s

3rd (4pts) TERESA – 7h 1m 28s

4th (2 pts) GANDHI – 7h 21m 22s

Congratulations to Pankhurst for winning the House Triathlon and to everyone who participated with their best effort and commitment. After all, this event was not only for students to compete with each other to win and get valuable points in the competition, but also to tighten the relationship between them and knowing that people cannot always win… and you have to admit it and never give up when you lose.

Mild – 6.1

House Triathlon – My Experience

It was a sunny, quiet day. Students were enjoying an afternoon off and it was warm and pleasant outside… Well, definitely not at Concord College. The Inter-House Triathlon competition was met with intense, freezing cold wind and drizzle. But it takes more than that to break the spirits of the Concordians. Over 200 competitors, made up of 60 teams and 35 individual runners, cyclists and swimmers were determined to win and bring the victory to their ‘houses’.

Even though it was a compulsory event for the Form 3 and Form 4 students to participate in, some of them chose to run/cycle/swim twice, and, by the looks on their faces and their clothes – that were completely covered in mud after cycling – this proved that they were not going to give up easily.

Personally, I chose to compete in a team and I did the running part of the event. The tremendous amount of support coming from both the Heads of Houses and students, who were waiting for the runners by the finishing line, proved to be a vital incentive. In particular, I would like to commend Mr Arthur for his support for the runners and cyclists. His vivid blue flag, just like his shouts of support and cheering, could be seen and heard at any point of the Hall Meadow.

I really enjoyed the triathlon event even though I could not feel my legs the next day, but it’s the sensation of contributing to the House and the strength of the team spirit that I will remember for a long time. Totally worth it!

Danylo – 6.1

Concord’s House Triathlon 2019

On 13th of March 2019, Concord held its first inter-house triathlon competition. The race involved a 1-mile run, followed by a 2-mile cycle around Hall Meadow, and finishing with a 400m swim (25 lengths). Students could enter individually or in teams of three, with more than 200 students participating in total.

For most of us, this was the first triathlon we had ever participated in. So when I signed up for the individual’s race, I was nervous that I would not be able to finish, as the course was not only very physically demanding, but I also hadn’t had much training beforehand.

On the day of the competition itself, the weather wasn’t optimum. Despite the rain stopping before the event started, the wind was still very strong, increasing the difficulty of the race. In my opinion, the cycling part was the hardest as it was the most physically demanding and the route was also covered in layers of mud. However, despite the weather, everyone was excited, cheering on other competitors and psyching myself up to keep going. Thanks to all the support and encouragement I had from friends throughout the race, I was able to finish strong and with a smile, even coming in 1st place for my event.

Although I was truly exhausted after the competition, I really enjoyed the whole experience as I got to step out of my comfort zone and try something completely new. I look forward to completing another triathlon in the future!

Lavine – 6.2