German Market

Following last year’s success, Concord’s proficient kitchen staff again succeeded in setting up the spectacular German Market. From pretzels to lamb goulash, a great variety of traditional German cuisines were prepared for both students and staff. It was a great opportunity for students to try dishes from another country, as many of us are from different parts of the world where German food is pretty rare. “This is my first time trying German food. It’s very different from the food we have back home, but I really like it!” says Claire, a 6.2 student from Singapore.

The German Market is only one of the many events that the kitchen staff put together this year. Some others include the Fajita Night, Sushi Day and Christmas Dinner. What I personally think is really special about this particular event is the cosy atmosphere it creates – students sat together in circles, creating a feeling of togetherness, which is just what we need before the busy week of exams and interviews ahead. Ultimately, there is only one word that best describes this year’s German Market: “Köstlich!”

Audrey Adeline 6.2