First week of term

After the week of orientation and activities for new students, the first school week of the term has finally begun. Monday started as usual, except for the Enrichment Fayre that was held in the sports hall after school. While academic study in Concord is a priority, the school also provides a large variety of student or staff led activities which the Enrichment Fayre exhibited. The activities ranged from sports teams like basketball, volleyball, netball, to leisure activities like archery, horse riding, swimming club, to intellectual clubs such as scrabble, chess and debating. Though that wasn’t it, there were also clubs that revolved around the community – Eco club, Outreach society, Mencap, and the list goes on. All the new students would make their way around the sports hall and sign up for activities and clubs they wanted to participate in and be a part of, it was definitely an enjoyable way to join into the routine hectic and eventful day of a Concord student’s life.

Since the school year has finally begun, House sports and activities are also taking place. The first few Inter-house competitions include House tennis, netball and squash. It was a surprise to see so many new faces taking part already and settling in so well. To witness their friends come all the way along to the sports halls or tennis courts just to cheer for and support them was extremely heart-warming. The first netball match was thrilling – Pankhurst and Gandhi played against each other, both with equally strong teams with incredible players. The game was extremely intense, both scoring one point after another. It was only at the last 10 seconds where Pankhurst scored the last goal and managed to lead 11-10. The atmosphere in the sports hall was restless, the crowd was wild every time a team was close to scoring which definitely touched and motivated me as a player that night.

Finally, as many of the 6.2s are busy finishing their UCAS applications and personal statements, groups of students have also been busy meeting up with their respective societies to come up with dishes of food to be able to prepare for the school in the International Food Fayre that I look forward to very much at the end of next weekend.

Sabrina Lai 6.2