Concord Fashion Show 2014

Of all the shows I have been a part of in Concord, the Fashion Show this year really was the biggest show to watch from back stage. The buzz I felt when I stood in the green room with all the frantic preparation of nearly 50 separate outfits was amazing. Even with an hour to go before show time a whole half of the Morris Building was alive with photo taking and designers prepping their models. As the show began and the first group of models began to line up, the nerves started to kick in, and the excitement really began, with some designers still applying the final accessories, and some the final layer of all important glitter spray. As the second group lined up I considered how the audience would react to my costume. What if I broke it? Was it too ridiculous? As I walked out from between the curtains all these thoughts went through my head. My hand went numb on my prop as I tried my best to look proud and smile. As I got to the centre of the stage though, I really grinned from ear to ear as I heard the raucous cries of my friends supporting me. As I left the stage I felt great.

Fashion Show1

The interval seemed a lot longer than the specified 15 minutes waiting for our moment again, with all the models barely fitting backstage with their huge costumes. We waited with as much if not more apprehension and excitement than the audience themselves for the big moment to arrive again. When the interval and video finally ended, it was amazing, and the show drew to a close soon after with the winners well deserved. 

The competition was not what really made the show special though. It was all the time, thought and love which had gone into its preparation, from the dedication of the designers to the camaraderie backstage. The long wait between walks was made much shorter by the fun and laughter we shared as a group. All the time invested in this amazing event made worthwhile, not only through the spectacular show, but by the friendships that came with it.

Fashion Show2

Philip Hawkins 6.2