Eco- Concord

As the campus is receiving more Concordians than ever, more resources are being used each day. Being committed to preserving the environment, Concord College has implemented a series of measures in order to reduce the impact on the local environment through reducing, reusing and recycling.

REDUCE: Introducing as a recommendation, 12 sheets of printing quota per student per week, and also mounting a card sensor to the printers so that every student needs to swipe their card, designed to allow Concordians to have a second thought before printing . Water taps are progressively refitted, and the new taps reduce water significantly.

REUSE: Unused single-sided paper are collected and can be picked up by staff and students in the box next to the library printers. In the Dining Hall, sauces are now contained by reusable mini ramekins instead of providing disposable individual packs.

RECYCLE: Batteries recycle boxes are set up in all boarding houses’ kitchen, orange and blue collection boxes for papers and other general waste that can be recycled are also available. Second-hand DVD donation and sales are also held in different time in the school year. We have a second book shop in the third floor of the Jubilee block too, so make sure to give it a check before buying a new textbook.

Be a proud and green Concordian: reduce, reuse and recycle.

Yanshing Cheung 6.1