Eco Week in Concord: Our Earth

My fondest memory as a child was always going out into the luscious greenery of my birthplace, Romania, enjoying the sprawling, vast lands of the countryside along with towering, rocky mountains lining the horizon. So, it is with immense pleasure to see Concord host its very own way of appreciating the beauty of our environment – Eco Week.

Eco Week was no doubt a highly integrating event which incorporated many concepts and initiatives from the wide pool of societies at Concord. Fellow Concordians could enjoy hands-on experiences such as the fashion upcycling workshop help by the fashion society, or the informative presentations and workshops conducted by the engineering and extra chemistry society. Personally, I found the display from politics society to be the most eye opening and enjoyable; covering topics like the relationship between politics and the environment, roles and effectiveness of IGOs, governments, NGOs and environmental pressure groups in mitigating climate change, as well the impact of environmentalism in politics.

Something that is often not emphasised at such events, and which I was thrilled to notice here, was the notion of sustainability. We all know the dangers of modern-day consumerism, and this issue is overlooked in countless households due to a lack of awareness. Concord was nothing short of thorough in this area, with organisations such as the eco store reselling possessions people no longer value, reminding us of the many ways to reduce wasteful consumption. I was impressed by the selection of products which the eco club brought the value back into. It was heartening to see many students turning up, and showing their interest to these new, charitable methods in helping the environment.

Furthermore, at the forefront of attention was the beef-free week, admonishing us of the problems of methane gas which have long plagued our international efforts in quelling climate change. With the kind cooperation of the kitchen staff, we didn’t eat any beef for an entire week, making us realise just how much we impact the environment as a community.

Our students have enjoyed the week as it has raised the growing awareness of the environmental problems; Caitlin, a fellow student council member has very kindly offered us her impression of our eco week: “Eco Week has made me more aware of environmental issues such as the harm that beef does to the environment in comparison to other products. I also think that the eco shop and the upcycling workshop have made me more aware of other alternatives to fast fashion, and have encouraged me to upcycle my own clothes.”

So, it’s clear. The actions and initiatives that have taken place during the Eco Week have led to a fruitful experience for all Concord students, which has given them an opportunity to reflect upon the environmental issues we live in today and how we can all play a role in solving them.

Ecaterina – 6.1

A Moment of Darkness

A Moment of Darkness

On Saturday 16th March, just after sunset, the Eco Club brought to Concord College, Earth Hour. The main purpose of the event was to spread awareness about climate change, the effects of our day-to-day consumption on our Earth and the #connecttotheearth movement. Attendees were expected to switch off lights and personal electrical appliances in order to support the cause.

The event took place in the West End and included about 11 performances ranging from revealing fun facts about the Earth to poem recitations and musical presentations. The West End lights were turned off and the place was lit only by candles, setting the tone for the night. Performances were unplugged as performers made no use of microphones or instrumental backing tracks in order to enhance the eco-friendly atmosphere.

Earth Hour originally started in Australia as a ‘small lights movement’, but then grew internationally becoming one of the biggest grass-roots movements in the world. The actual (official) Earth Hour is on the 30th March and we are encouraged to turn our lights off for an hour in order to reduce light pollution and minimise energy consumption, so don’t forget to turn your lights off to help Mother Nature!

Kash – 6.1

Earth Hour 2019

Organised by the Eco Club on 16th of March, the candle-lit ‘Earth Hour’ event was held at Concord’s West End, inspiring Concordians to do their part in saving the planet, simply by turning off their lights for an hour. The ‘lights-out’ event was made vibrant and entertaining by the talent of our fellow Concordians, who delivered an unplugged, hour-long performance of acoustic music and poetry.

During the event, students performed acoustic covers of well-known songs and recited touching poetry in the dim yet warmly illuminated setting. A variety of talent was exhibited during each five-minute item, and the performance would not have been complete without the audience’s support and encouragement. Concordians cheered their fellow schoolmates on by waving along to the acoustic song covers and chanting their names. One of the most significant pieces during the event was a poem about the impacts of global warming, and how it would be greatly reduced if we play our part in saving the environment. At the end of the ‘Earth Hour’, the Eco Club committee performed a song cover and encouraged everyone in the audience to sing along with them, ending the event on a light-hearted note.

The theme of Earth Hour 2019, ‘Change the Way We Live’, was emphasised during the symbolic event. Ultimately, each of our individual contributions can make a significant difference to the preservation of our climate. By attending the concert, not only were we able to appreciate and enjoy the performances and the talent of our fellow Concordians, but we were encouraged to think about the purpose and impact of ‘Earth Hour’. We were moved by the fact that playing our part for one hour made a substantial difference in energy consumption around the world, helping to improve our environment and saving our planet.

Zevida – 6.1