First day of the Easter break at Concord

The 11th of April marked our first day of the Easter holiday. With only around a hundred or so people left in school, our campus has been quieter than ever. The usual laughs from students were gone, and instead, I was surrounded by the sound of birds and cats.

My adventure began with this golden cat passing by my window. Being a huge cat-lover, I immediately put my shoes on, brought my camera, and off I went. Walking around with that cat, I found beauty in this campus that I had never noticed. Warmth from the sun, trees with birds that sing, flowers in every colour you can think of and – even mushrooms in a small area of lawn? Spring term had been demanding and challenging with the increasing amount of workload for students. Maybe that was why, even when we lived here, we could not always notice these blessings around us. My favourite saying goes: “a walk in nature walks the soul back home.” Now that I have walked home, hopefully you – no matter where you are – could free yourself from stress and enjoy our precious nature. Have a fruitful Easter Holiday!

Eunice – 6.1