Changing the Face of Dance at Concord

Dance… a word that holds a lot of meaning for me. A word that I believe brings joy in most events. A word I have been in love with for 7 years. A word I wanted to make well-known in Concord College. Weeks after joining Concord in January 2017, the desire to dance and train magnified to the point where training once a week in town was not enough. My friend, Alua and I decided to finally form and lead a new dance club – one that could quench even my own thirst for dancing. I wanted to expose the people of Concord to the world of dancing, where anything is possible through discipline and resilience.

Every week, depending on popular demands and requests, we would teach students a variety of dances which included Street Dance, Latin American and Contemporary. A different but original choreography would be taught each week. Training together is not just for the enjoyment but also to emphasise the point of stepping outside of our comfort zone, and by giving performing opportunities to those who show dedication, ambition and improvement in the short amount of time we have been training. An upcoming opportunity, for example, would be the chance to perform at the Mayor’s Concert in Shrewsbury this November.

To me, dance is more than a sport or a hobby. It is a passion. Dance is something to work hard at, something worth sacrificing time for no matter how exhausted I get and something to show people who I am as a person. A dance studio is where I shed sweat and tears that have moulded me into who I am today. It is where people can build on their teamwork, flexibility, confidence and where I have learnt to never give up for what I desire most. Hence, the name of our club – “The Dance Studio.” I resolve to share my views and spread the love of dance, in hope that people see, especially in a place like Concord – where yes, exams are the top priority which can lead to careers and ambitions that keep us alive… but we need to take the time to appreciate and enjoy the things that we are alive for!

Narissa Hanim – 6.2