Culture at its Finest

Being in a cultural society such as African Society is truly a blessing. My home is about a 10 hours and 45 minute flight away (South Africa), which is very far away. It’s hard being away from home; some find it easy and others find it quite difficult, and it’s important to have some sort of connection with your “roots” when you feel disconnected (physically and perhaps emotionally) from your home.

African Society has shown me that home isn’t so far away. Although my home is far from all the other Africans in our society, we share so many interests and traditions which enables me to learn so much about the different cultures in the one culture we all share of being an African. We have celebrated Nigerian Independence Day (1st October; 1960) together which is where I tried Nigerian food for the first time in my life, which is truly incredible. I have also been able to see and learn different traditional dances in all the African cultures we have within our society.

Benefits of being in African Society are knowledge, understanding, freedom and fun! Knowledge due to being able to learn so much about other people, which I believe is important in life – because that’s how people are able to live harmoniously. Understanding as we get to know one another in our society, which means that we are able to influence each other in a positive way and grow to be great people in the future, making great decisions. Freedom is a benefit too because we are able to be who we are without being judged in a negative way in our society, which is something I find special about the school in general… as no one will judge you.

Lastly, the most important benefit is having fun, which is truly what happens in African Society! We take care of each other, we laugh with each other and maybe at each other (as a joke) and we simply have fun in all we do, which is the most important part.

Natalie Rutagamirwa – 6.1