School Photo Day

On Friday 5th June, we had our School Photo Day. Unlike last year when COVID-19 abruptly ended our school year, this year we all stayed until the end and were blessed with the occasion of a whole school photograph.

To comply with social distancing, different year groups were separated into designated areas, then a drone came flying past our heads capturing our smiling faces. We also did a video of us waving and a silly one where people got carried on others’ backs, hugged, or posed. It was fabulous to see the Concord spirit flying high and we as a family, having our family portrait taken finally.

After the official photograph, Dr Outram announced the House Athletics champions and House Cup winner of this year. Teresa came from behind to snatch the cup away from the other 3 houses, but we all had individual champions in each year. There were joyful faces, there were sad faces. But the support we got from each other was the most cherished, the friendly banter and the mutual appreciation is what makes us all one big family.

With the sun still shining high but light breezes blowing around us, many of us stayed for photos with friends. We finally had a chance to see how everyone was looking, and we all looked gorgeous! Smart suits, glamorous dresses, and colourful blouses were seen all across the Hall Meadow school field. I took a dozen photos with my friends as well and chatted all throughout the afternoon. This is normal Concord that I know: friendly, competitive and close.

A group of Form 4 students said this was their first photo day after attending Concord Summer School; they felt very blessed to meet a lot of people from different year groups. They thought the atmosphere was really good and definitely up to their expectations. Looking ahead to next year, hopefully we will have no year group ‘bubbles’ and so they can make more friends.

A group in 6.1 also told us at their first photo day in Concord they felt very happy, and thought it was very fun, especially when everyone is so pretty and proud after dressing up. This group of Upper School students who will be in Concord’s most senior year next year said they are also looking forward to next year with different challenges, lots of fun and many more memories.

Kenneth and Tiffany – 6.1

Photo Day

Concord College held its annual photo day on Monday May 1st which is traditionally a Bank Holiday in England. It seemed only fitting then that students were given half the day off with lessons ending at lunchtime to give the students a chance to doll-up before the big occasion.

Concordians as usual did not disappoint when it came to the department of fashion as the almost six-hundred students ranging from Form 3s to 6.2s gathered in their finest. The ladies dazzled and the gentlemen impressed as the students and staff alike aimed to look their best for the photo that would in a few months take centre-stage on the wall of photos in the Main Hall. The Concordians of 2016-17 were ready to have their memories in the school immortalized.

The weather which had been rainy all morning seemed to clear up for the inception of the photo as the grey dispersed and a beautiful sunny afternoon reminiscent of summer time appeared. The scene was picturesque and the backdrop was set to make an excellent photo. The students formed in rows by height and were soon on their way up the metal steps in good spirits reflecting the bright day.

As the masses filled the rows, the photo was finally to be taken after Mr Hawkins and the Head Prefects of the current year and the following year, had taken their places. There was a momentary distraction as a Concord drone was flown up to take an overhead shot of the scene but the students were soon all-smiles as the cameraman gave his instructions and the photo was taken.

After the school photo, the Lower School photo and the 6.2 prefect photos were taken, the students and teachers piled onto the lawns behind the Main Hall in what can be audibly described as the click of a hundred camera shutters (or the iPhone’s imitation sound as we more commonly know it as.) The students and teachers took class photos, squad photos and even photos with some of their favourite teachers to commemorate a truly special day in Concord.

The students began to tire after a while as did the weather as a light drizzle began to patter down. This seemed to signal that it was time to go and bit by bit the students began to disperse feeling contented after another excellent Concord photo day in the sunshine.

Justin Wan 6.2