Reflecting on the 6.2 Online Graduation

  1. How long was the online graduation?

Jerome – The 6.2 online graduation was about 40 minutes.

Prame – 40 minutes, which I think, is probably the optimum length for the online graduation.

  1. Did you enjoy yourself during the online graduation?

Serena – It was very moving to see Concord again, even if it was just the Theatre, because with everything that has happened since we left Concord, seeing Concord and the senior staff and looking at all the group pictures of us was so nostalgic, so I really did enjoy it, but it was also very sad because obviously it would have been so much nicer and more meaningful if we had been able to graduate all together in real life. We wanted to celebrate properly together, so the online graduation was just a reminder of the time we’ve lost and the experiences that we could have had.

Gaby – It can’t be compared to a normal graduation, but I did enjoy seeing the slideshow of photos of our memories in Concord!

  1. What do you think could be improved?

Serena – It would have been very difficult to execute a live online graduation because of how international and diverse our community is and the time difference and all of that, but it might have been nicer if we had had a huge Teams call and interacted with each other live, but I do see that it would be extremely difficult to execute.

Gaby – I think it could be live instead of pre-recorded, that way everyone is watching it together on the same platform so there’s a sense of togetherness.

  1. Were there any difficulties during the online graduation?

Jerome – Not at all. Uploading to YouTube in particular meant it was really easy to view even on the TV.

Serena – I think it was all very smooth because the links we were sent all worked and we could view the videos at any time we wanted across multiple platforms.

Michelle – It was difficult because it feels very different watching it alone, but we are fortunate enough as the school did the best they could for us.

  1. How do you feel about graduating from Concord this year?

Ben – I feel a bit down because we couldn’t have a proper grad ceremony in person, but hopefully we’ll have one later. Also, we couldn’t say goodbyes properly but that’s for everyone.

Pun – Surreal, it doesn’t feel real that we actually graduated and are opening a new chapter in our lives!

  1. What will you miss the most about Concord College?

Prame – Personally, I think Concord has the identity and the uniqueness that is impossible to find elsewhere. I will miss revising on Friday nights, the extremeness of academics and relaxing lives, cooking in the student kitchen, running to breakfast in the morning before it is put away, swiping, asking teachers for early lunch, the stressful House Arts preparation, supporting in the inter house events, running back to the boarding residence for room check, hash browns, finding sriracha sauce in the dining hall, hanging out after prep and more!

Serena – Definitely the people! My closest friends are scattered all over the world so they’re definitely what I miss the most because we used to spend every second of every day with each other and now we just haven’t seen each other in so long and we don’t know when we’ll see each other again… hopefully soon!

  1. Any advice to give to the current 6.1 students who are graduating next year?

Pun – Enjoy every moment you have left! Don’t take things for granted and try to make the most out of the opportunities you are given.

Jerome – Treasure your next 6.2 year. It may be rough because it may not start face to face but this year is proof that anything can happen tomorrow, so don’t waste the days you have with your friends. You’ll end up missing people you aren’t even close to and you didn’t think you’d miss, and it’ll suck.

Sean – Have fun and make as many memories as possible! Remember to try to always have a positive mindset and not dwell in the negativity as you might regret not creating more happy memories to remember, when the time comes for you to leave your friends. But most importantly cherish the education in Concord and do your very best for your A levels and make yourself proud.

  1. What would you like to tell your friends about the unique graduation this year?

Sean – It didn’t really feel like a traditional graduation to me to be very honest but that’s because I wasn’t there in person in the school I grew at in the two years, and my friends weren’t around to celebrate it with me. However, there’s nothing that could’ve been done to make the online graduation better than what it already was and achieved.

Ben – It was different but still enjoyable and I really appreciate the effort put into it. it’s certainly better than nothing!


Thank you very much to all 6.2s who accepted our interview, it’s been a pleasure to talk to y’all.

All the best in the future!

Marketing Prefects Team 2020