Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival

Shrewsbury’s Old Market Hall was transformed into a buzzing hive of creative expression on Saturday 21st April, when the annual Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival took place. Concordians were treated to a menagerie of assorted comedy, art styles and other inspirations as they completed the obligatory hike up Wyle Cop. People from numerous walks of life were browsing, taking inspiration from the town or working on their pieces with quiet, feverish brushstrokes on canvas. The pieces were all created on-site and there was even a workshop out front for anyone interested in picking up the craft. The ‘toons’ on display were reminiscent of newspaper funnies or the nostalgic Saturday morning television delights of yesteryear.

Plenty of other sites around town were also involved in the festivities and they could all be found listed in the Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival brochure, distributed among various shopkeepers throughout the little borough. Similar events were advertised for the 27th as well but, sadly, most students could not be in town for these due to school responsibilities and happenings. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the festival, and it was a nice way to de-stress during this tense period that is exam season!