“A night that captured the essence of Concord”

Amidst all the busy activities and stress from the upcoming exams, students from Concord’s Form 5 BTEC group put together a spectacular concert— from managing the light and sound controls to holding rigorous auditions— in support of the Make-A-Wish foundation. This event could not have been more meaningful as students across all forms came together in support of a worthy cause, to cheer their friends on as well as celebrating the hard work of the students who have painstakingly put everything together.

As an audience member, it was truly a wonderful experience as I was able to enjoy a wide range of acts— from singing, to dancing, and even “mind-blowing” magicians. I remember being so utterly amazed by the high standard of performances. The singers hit pitch-perfect notes time and time again as they sung their hearts out to Disney classics and The Greatest Showman pieces. In addition, the dynamic dances left me in awe as each and every move was executed with such great detail and finesse. It was also extremely heart-warming to see so many different groups of students step forward to perform, from solo acts to sibling bands. The performers truly gave it their all to put on the best possible show for the rest of the college. To top it all off, the loud cheers from the audience made the atmosphere indescribable.

Personally, I really enjoyed the night and felt that it truly captured the essence of our college. Students at Concord are extremely diverse, not only in terms of cultural backgrounds, but also in terms of skills and interests. The fact that the performers were so passionate about putting on a good show reflects how we go far beyond solely harping on the looming exams to share our talents, spur our friends on and support a great cause. The incredible community that we have established in the college indeed shone through that night, and it felt like we were one big family coming together to have a great time.

Michelle – 6.1

Making wishes come true

On 21st of March, Concord students and staff members gathered in the theatre to witness – once again – the talent and creativity of their fellow schoolmates. The event everyone was looking forward to, was a charity concert, and was organised by the Form 4 BTEC Music group. This concert’s goal was to raise money for Make-a-Wish – “a charity which gives young children and teenagers with terminal illnesses a chance to make their dreams come true for a day.”

Let me emphasise once again the fact – how talented Concord students really are, with delivering to us such a high quality and professional show despite the upcoming season of exams and vast preparations for it. You could see how much heart and soul was put into these performances. From inspiring the audience with singing and dancing to wowing everybody’s minds with card tricks: there truly was no limitation to the imagination.

Personally, one of my favourite performances was Nico’s “Rhapsody in Blue”. Yes, you read it right. The full orchestra piece, Rhapsody in Blue, played just on one piano by this wonderful Concord student. Also, I really enjoyed “The Beauty and the Beast”, where both dancing and singing came together in one act, which really hit me as some might say, ‘right in the feels’.

This evening and event was a complete success (of course it wasn’t the first time), and I can’t wait to see what other acts my schoolmates come up with in the future. Whoever has not yet had a chance to attend any of Concord’s shows, I highly recommend that they come. Once you see everything with your eyes, I’m sure you will understand the spectacle I tried to describe with just a few words…

Linda – 6.1