Biology Field Trip 2019

Our Biology trip was a whirlwind of crab catching, seaweed counting and rock traversing. The two-day trip not only fine-tuned our practical skills but also brought us as a class closer together.

On our first day, we braved the chilling weather and relentless winds to rock traverse along the exposed shore of Borth. The journey itself while tiring was extremely rewarding as we were given the invaluable opportunity to see the abstract concept of ‘succession’ sand dunes in real life! This involved us recording down the wind speed, temperature and identifying different species with a record sheet along each different succession of the sand dune. When we reached the lower shore, we were instructed to record data on the distribution of species in a rock pool as well as the thickness of the Dogwhelk Shell. The process was surprisingly thrilling and brought out out inner ‘Marine Biologist’ as we fastidiously plucked off Dogwhelks (in the most delicate manner possible) from the rock walls and used a caliper to measure their lip thickness.

We left Borth with our wellington boots flooded with water and sand dotted all over our waterproof pants. But more than anything, it induced an intense hunger in all of us that was only satisfied by a hearty dinner at the University of Aberystwyth and three pizzas and two tubs of ice cream in the University kitchen!

On the second day, we visited the College Rocks near the university. The weather was much sunnier and we even got to buy ice cream after the fieldwork was completed! We carried out the same experiments as we did the day before, and we ended our data collection with a massive traverse line from the edge of the shore inland, calculating the percentage of seaweed in each quadrat sample we took. Surprisingly, we even managed to find large spider crabs and sea anemones along the rocky shore!

Overall, the Biology field trip was an invaluable experience as we not only got to experience our Biology textbooks come to life, but we made so many great memories with our friends, classmates and Biology teachers.

Rachel and Zevida (6.1)