Alton Towers

Indeed, Orientation Week ended on a high note for many of the new boarders with a day trip to the Alton Towers. The day started early with students boarding the bus en route to the theme park, with excited chatter and banter permeating into the long 2 hour wait until they had finally reached their destination. With a vast array of rides to choose from, students laboriously planned and re-planned possible ride routes, frantically skimming through the theme park brochures.

Rollercoasters such as Oblivion and Nemesis proved popular amongst those seeking a thrill. Several pounds were spent attempting to win carnival booth prizes and only a handful managed to get lucky with their tries. Afternoon lunches mostly consisted of students scarfing down burgers before making a quick dash to the next ride in their itinerary. For many, this was their first time stepping foot into a theme park as big as Alton Towers. Rollercoasters such as The Smiler have gained international recognition and indeed was an exhilarating experience for first time riders.

Most importantly, Alton Towers was a place where friendships were forged and students of all different cultures came together to enjoy a thrilling afternoon. Conversations about the varying rides were struck up on the bus back to the college, quips and musings going past the boundaries of the two hour long journey into the makings of a new friendship.

Alton Towers certainly did its job in starting our year off with a bang.

Anabelle Lim 6.1