Pre-U Week

From the 17th to the 24th of June, Concord College hosted a Pre-U Week; a post exam period purely dedicated to planning towards our university applications. For the next 7 days, the whole of 6.1 was to attend meetings and classes about applications to their preferred universities and classes. We were all assigned to a particular University Coordinator specialising on the subject we were applying to, and we were greeted by advice, assignment, and book recommendations in order to enrich our personal statement and basic knowledge on the subject. We also had talks by Oxford Tutors and more focused courses preparing us for admissions tests such as the LNAT and the UCAT. Something that stood out to me was the rigorousness of the schedules and organisation of Dr Pugh and our University Coordinators.

Although there were many things to attend, everything was carefully planned to avoid clashes and to make the most of our experience without feeling overwhelmed. We also had 3 outdoor experience days in order to enrich our communication and teamwork skills. Not only that, but it was also a break from the stress of exams and we were able to spend time with our friends. We wrote a blog about that too which you can read by clicking here.

“The experience is truly valuable, I feel like I wouldn’t get the same level of support if not studying at Concord, and it just made life a bit easier because I know what I am doing.” — a 6.1 student planning to study Economics at university.

Additionally, we had a ConMUN (Model United Nations) event which was a great experience for those looking to go into humanities, economics and public relations. Although speaking in front of 200 people might be frightening, everyone was really friendly: people clapped after everyone spoke and cheered after more enthusiastic speeches. I think this experience was truly helpful to everyone and it was a great way to practice for interviews and the formality of personal statements. There is also a blog about that – click here to read it.

The Marketing Team, as well as every student in 6.1 would like to warmly thank Dr Pugh and all of the staff involved in the Pre-U Week for forming a solid foundation in our preparations.

Ecaterina and Kenneth — 6.1