Moonlit Walk 16th April 2022

The bus ride escape into the wild!

At 6:15pm, a group of students who signed up for the Moonlit walk previously, gathered with Mr Brown at Main Hall with excitement before boarding the minibus towards our hiking trail up the Hope Bowdler hills near Church Stretton. Our teacher ensured that we were each fully equipped with warm clothing and appropriate shoes, so we could stay warm in the strong wind. Despite the perfect weather on the day for us to hike, we would still not want to risk any chances of falling sick or getting injured.

Overjoyed with the perfect sunny weather provided, we boarded the bus and departed. When we arrived at the bottom of the hill, Mr Brown told us about what we should be cautious of when hiking up the steep mountain and tips that can help us to hike easily. Along the way up the steep mountain, we came across a sheep farm, where the sheep gathered and ran around freely across the inclined field. It was easy to spot them as they had large markings on their wool to indicate that they belong to the same family. We were warned by Mr Brown to not approach any of the young sheep to avoid distressing the mother, so we made sure we stayed a certain distance away from them. Many of us were amazed as we were witnessing these amazing creatures for the first time.

After roughly 20 minutes of hiking up the inclined hill, we arrived at our deserted destination, which was up a sharp pointing rock that we saw later when we descended to the bus. At the top, there were two families sitting there and enjoying the view, with their family dog running around on the grass. With enthusiasm, he ran towards us and allowed us to pet him. Mr Brown then allowed us to sit on the sharp rock, where we could enjoy a better view of Church Stretton from 426m above.

The Walk

Along the way, our whole group slowly separated into two, as some fast walkers lead the way, while the slow walkers followed behind chitchatting and taking photos of the magnificent view below. Along the way, we saw tiny rabbit holes and wondered where these holes would lead to, associating them with Peter Rabbit.  We stopped at another huge stone for a break with Mr Brown’s offer of hot Ribena and doughnuts filled with different flavors. From there, Mr Brown pointed in various directions to give us an estimate of where Concord, Shrewsbury and the Wrekin were. As that day was near to one of the student’s birthdays, he pulled out a birthday present that was specially selected and told her to open it. It was a bubble blower that we use to play with when we were a child. The student was overjoyed and blew bubbles down the hills, which made the scenery more beautiful and calming.

As the sky was darker, we decided to head back to the bus, along the way, the moon had risen on our left, allowing us to see both the sunset and the moon rise at the same time. Students took panorama pictures to capture both sceneries all at once. As the teachers guided us downslope, they made sure that we had headtorches and flashlights to see where we were heading as the sky got darker, while providing us tips to go down without slipping or falling.

As we boarded the minibus back to campus, we were all shocked by Mr Brown’s Spotify playlist as he blasted it throughout our bus ride, playing famous and top hit songs that we would never think he would listen to! When we arrived at school, we offloaded our gear and equipment that Mr Brown lent to us and thanked him as we got off the bus. We then all headed back to our boarding residence with new memories and sceneries embraided in our hearts.

Audrey – 6.2