A Life Lesson

With my return after Easter break as disorienting as any other, it started off with me plugging my feet into my shoes, sealing my mouth with a shawl and setting out on my odyssey to catch the morning bus – 10 minutes late. It was the first Thursday back after all. But as I sat breathless on the bus, listening to the ever-repeating playlist of music, it felt vitalising to be back. Eventually, as the rough roads rocked the bus up and down, darkness encompassed me in my cradle (I guess that’s what happens when you don’t have a sleep-schedule). Nevertheless, my eyes instinctively opened as we approached our final destination, or maybe it was the fact everyone was shouting. Either way, I was awake (kind-of).

Well, as the sun progressed in its path, skies bellowed and shadows shrieked, and we got reminded of our impending doom: exams. Exams that would decide our AS-Level grade, our A-Level predictions, our university choices and basically our future. Oh, but you know, that’s later’s problem (I’m not a procrastinator, I swear). Anyhow, the day continued, and we shifted from math to chemistry to physics to biology – definitely a packed day, but all we did was ‘revision’; of course, I spent my time wisely. But out of all these lessons, one really was significant: biology. With rays of dissonant light accelerating through icy vapour, I was left pondering with fellow skeletons and hares whilst beakers clanked with revision of mass transport and hypothesis testing.

But really, why am I telling you about all of this? I mean, to be honest, I was bored (just kidding; maybe). But yes, what’s so special about my day and biology? It’s definitely not the content. What I wanted to bring to your attention was that one should reflect on their biology: we are irreducible, complex and sophisticated. And reflection on self is something one should regularly do in order to reach a state of equilibrium, but really, for many, we’re too dishevelled to understand ourselves. Balancing reality with aspirations and goals with expectations, life for most is tough. And as we all aim for the top, aim for the best, it is important to give your neck some rest: try looking around rather than up and see how far you have come.

We have all been given many opportunities and chances, and as the year comes to a close with this final term, acknowledge the development in the last year; there’s been something for everyone. And even if you think you’ve achieved nothing, there’s still more time; all you need is a slight push – just as the ventricles contract to supply your body with oxygenated blood, take a step forward and let the wind put you in motion (it quite literally can at this point in time). And even more-so, it’s important to surround yourself with the right people, keeping yourself with those living off of negativity disposes you towards those habits; whereas saturating your life with people who can acknowledge growth, displaces you towards that virtue.

And really, one might say, why bother surrounding yourself with anyone? Though trudging through the snow alone is admirable, I was told by my respected friend – one who once walked down the path alone; experiencing an episode of belief possibly denounced delusion – sometimes it’s better to open up to someone else. Because just as lone pairs of electrons remain in constant fight, you will remain in constant deprivation of a basic necessity. We as human being are social creatures after all, and to deny that is to handicap yourself. For it’s the companion cells that keep the phloem alive, and it’s the bonds that water molecules form with each other that keep them going through the xylem; we need people to move forward.

And as I have told my friends before, focus on the facts, leave assumptions behind and look in a mirror – for you are living for yourself; living for others is not living at all. And though you may have time, you may use time to change: make sure you don’t run out of time.

Shaz – 6.1