of the ‘Science at Heart and Lung School Teams Prize’

Monday October 24, 2022

Last week, a team of 6.2 students received the excellent news that they have been awarded First Place in the ‘Science at Heart and Lung School Teams Prize’, a competition hosted by the National Lung and Heart Institute at Imperial College London. The competition required teams to produce a poster illustrating an innovative strategy to reduce the number of disabilities and deaths caused by lung or heart diseases. Concord's 'lung' team was successful in the shortlisting round and proceeded to the final, where they completed a 7-minute poster presentation to a multi-disciplinary audience. The presentation was followed by a 3-minute Q&A. Their winning proposal, ‘Smart Breath’, demonstrates a non-invasive and wearable solution for continuous CO2 monitoring. The user can wear the watch-like monitor throughout day-to-day tasks and will be notified of changes in CO2 levels via the NHS mobile app. The poster clearly illustrates the type of lung disease that could be aided by the ‘Smart Breath’ device and discusses the advantages and feasibility of the idea. You can read more about ‘Smart Breath’ in the brilliant poster here: BHF Lung entry Team leader of the winning team, Aryan said that “choosing a particular illness and scientific obstacle was both difficult and exciting.” Aryan added that he really enjoyed working with his teammates and gave a special acknowledgement to Head of Science, Mr Brown, for supporting the team throughout the competition. As a reward for finishing in First Place and supporting science-related activities, the Concord College Science Department has been awarded £3,000. Additionally, the team will have the opportunity to discuss the issues raised in their poster with scientists at Imperial College London. You can read the article published by Imperial College London, about our winning team, here:,-First%20Prize%3A%20%2D%20Concord&text=The%20first%2C%20second%20and%20third,each%20of%20the%20finalist%20teams.