closest House Arts Competition in its history ends with a win for Pankhurst

Wednesday February 5, 2020

This year marked the eleventh annual House Arts competition, and Concord witnessed talent, energy, creativity and amazing teamwork in a wonderfully enjoyable event which was almost too close to call. Concord’s four ‘houses’ (Gandhi, Mandela, Pankhurst and Teresa) competed in the Theatre on Saturday evening, to be crowned winners of the prestigious House Arts shield. With precious House-Trophy points on the line too, the competition was as eagerly anticipated as ever. The theme of this year’s event was ‘Embracing change’, and all four houses tailored their acts to reflect this through four categories: a dance, a song, an ensemble piece and a spoken word performance. With the theatre at capacity, Concord’s students rose to the occasion and competed against one another in a highly creative and entertaining show. Unfortunately, there could only be one winner on the night, but it deservedly went to Pankhurst House who performed admirably in all four categories. Said Head of Mandela Mr Matt Rawlinson: “As usual the students exceeded expectations. The collaborative creativity shown by all of the dance chorographers was exceptional this year as was the ability of all groups to step up their performances on the night. “The most pleasing thing for me was the way that so many students were able to work together, managed by our superb prefect team, to produce such brilliance in the cauldron that is the House Arts theatre!” Head of Pankhurst Mrs Hattie Canney added: “Once again the House Arts was a huge success.  I think it was the closest competition we have ever experienced and therefore probably one of the best shows in the last few years. Although it was a competition, all students can be really proud of their contributions and performances. “The talent was exceptional and the dances and ensembles were beyond professional.  It was such a pleasure to see Lower and Upper school work together and begin to forge lasting, positive relationships.  We are so lucky to have such passionate and creative individuals who use their time and experience to shape a positive community.  Looking forward to next year already…” A huge well done and thank you to all staff and students involved in the planning, preparation and delivery of another outstanding House Arts spectacle. Thank you to this year’s judges: Head of Lower School Mrs Rachel Coward, English teacher Miss Joni Stephens, and Lead Boarding Parent Mr Tom Davies. See more images here: House Arts 2020