to design Concord on Minecraft to raise funds for NHS

Friday May 22, 2020

A group of Concord students have presented a unique fundraising proposal to the college’s Senior Management Team (SMT), in an attempt to fundraise for the NHS. The group of twelve students in 6.1 emailed Vice Principal (Pastoral), Mr Jeremy Kerslake with their exciting proposal, and hope to raise £1000 – through student and alumni donations to play the game: Concord College on Minecraft. Said 6.1 student Lancelot, speaking on behalf of his fellows: “With more time on our hands than previously anticipated due to coronavirus in addition to our studies, many of us are stuck at home in lockdowns and adhering to social distancing. “Instead of procrastinating, we have decided to use our time more wisely and contribute to the world. “We’ve gathered a group of students together to recreate a model of Concord College on a Minecraft server, to raise whatever we can to help the NHS during this time.” Lancelot added: “We hope the school can support this idea and allow us to help the wider community.” The campaign, based on Minecraft – a world-renowned game-based learning platform, otherwise known as a sandbox game, allows players to enter a virtual land and create their own worlds and experiences using building blocks and creative discoveries. In this instance, the world being created is that of Concord College. Concord is supporting its students by providing examples of floor plans of the buildings and photos, as well as making use of the college’s extensive virtual reality tour. Said Lancelot: “We plan to begin with the Main Hall and Hall Meadow, and then work our way around the school during the summer holidays. I’m hoping we can finish a whole school model by the end of summer! “Once complete, we intend to advertise the game on secure fundraising platforms, and we’re currently investigating other means where the Concord community can donate.” When asked about the motivation behind the idea, Lancelot explained how lockdown and social distancing can affect young people – and make them ‘feel left out of society’ and can ‘lack interaction with others’ as a result. “Through the video game, it’s a way for us students to continue to socialise and chat, or even have group calls when designing and building the virtual school. “Whilst we’re away from Concord, it’s nice to have a server where people can come on and still see the school from another perspective, and hopefully it will act as a reassurance that things in our life remain there, despite us being far away. “Maybe the school model will allow alumni to take a trip down memory lane and revisit Concord like never before, whilst helping the NHS!” Said Mr Kerslake: “I think it’s a great idea and I very much look forward to seeing how the students’ creative efforts on Minecraft and the linked fundraising progresses over the coming weeks.”