share Columns magazine at the start of term

Wednesday September 22, 2021

Concord’s student-led magazine, Columns, has once again been shared with students and staff – a magazine and tradition that dates back to the 1990s. 6.2 students Shaz and Brandon relaunched Columns (otherwise known as Concord Columns) last year, after a two year production hiatus, and have shared the delayed Summer 21 edition at the start of this new academic year. In addition to an electronic copy which you can view below, the duo – working alongside the Marketing Department – have ordered dozens of hardcopies for students and staff to read and enjoy. For those who may be unfamiliar with Columns, the pair, in their own words said: “Columns is a student-led magazine presenting works submitted by students, with topics covering a range of academic disciplines and personal interests. “It is a great opportunity for students with a profound love of writing and those who simply want to share their thoughts and reflections. “In addition to this, Columns also aims to cover events in college life and the wider world.” Columns Summer 21 edition presents many insightful articles written by students during the academic year 2021-22, hence, some student contributors have left the college to pursue higher education, and there is a farewell message from former Principal, Mr Neil Hawkins. Some notable topics include changing the world, the rise of social media influencers, Concord’s Eco Week highlights, good and evil, and how to successfully invest. There is also a standalone insert from Class of 2020 leaver Davon, reviewing classical music, which is very apt as he will begin his university studies at Cambridge (Mathematics) this year, and he has been elected to a prestigious organ scholarship there. Students and staff can access hardcopies of the magazine and extra insert in Concord’s Main Hall, on the table opposite Reception. Said Joint Chief Editor, Brandon: “I think Columns has already got off to a good start this academic year and I hope everyone’s enjoying the latest addition. “We're really looking forward to seeing what submissions we'll receive this new year with many new and returning students getting involved. “A warm thank you should be given to all who have contributed to Columns thus far – for without the enthusiasm of student submissions, the initiative couldn't have developed to its current state. “Lastly, best of luck to all those who have since left Concord!” If students would like to contribute to the next edition or have any enquiries, please contact Shaz or Brandon on Teams, or email: Thank you to New Era Printing for printing and delivering the hardcopies of the magazine.