provide update on Minecraft fundraiser for NHS

Friday May 29, 2020

Last week it was announced that a group of Concord students had launched a unique build-project of a replica model of the college, to fundraise for the NHS. And in the course of a week, the twelve students and additional ‘crew’ from Concord’s 6.1 have made “significant progress” on the Minecraft model according to the Founder and Project Lead, Lancelot. Reflecting on the project so far, the students had to say the following; Lancelot (Founder): “As we place down each block, we step closer towards our finishing line. And I am proud to report that our team has made significant progress. “We broke ground on the construction of Main Hall, Jubilee Block, the Morris building and Science Block with some of them only lacking the finishing touches. “The project has been going on smoothly with enthusiastic participation of our crew who possess a plethora of diverse and complementary skills. “By having a strong support network and maintaining healthy channels of communication, we are able to inform each other of our other commitments and needs. We can adjust flexibly to fit the project around our existing schedule. For example, I am the Vice-President of the school’s Medical Society and run a discussion group. “With a group of compassionate members, I can arrange to be online after completing those commitments, ensuring my output for all my responsibilities are of the highest standard.” Holly (Campaign Manager): “Not only has this fundraiser helped us raise money to support our local NHS hospitals but it has also taught us how to work cohesively as a team. “Each of us have different roles and I believe this has given us all the opportunity to improve and gain other skills outside of our academic work. “I have learnt a great deal through managing our fundraising page and promoting our cause to a wider audience. “I feel honoured to support the noble efforts of frontline healthcare workers who are working tirelessly to keep us all fit and well.” Ewe Jin (Financial Manager): “This project has honed both my financial skills and teamwork skills. I hope what we will accomplish can help those who are in need.” Osman (Network Engineer): “We have been meticulous in our pursuit to replicate the architecture of the school, and with some minor technical difficulties that have been solved, we are well on our way to show the rest of the school in more detail.” Thomas (Lead Designer): “I am confident in the abilities of our team to overcome the obstacles in our path. Although our main goal is to support the NHS with the money we raise, this is still a fun undertaking for all of us.” Eben (Creative Director): “Although recreating the college in Minecraft is not an easy task, it is fun and we are raising money for a very good cause.” Sushmhitah (PR Manager): “I’m proud of all the team members being able to work on this project extremely well, despite having to balance school work and learning the new A2 spec. “I hope the team’s efforts will be rewarded and that we will be able to raise a lot of money for the NHS.” Marissa (Architect): “I think that this project was a wonderful idea to raise funds for the NHS in light of the recent pandemic, and to put our free time into good use. “I think that this has created an opportunity for us to explore our creativity and also comprehend our own school further, to understand its architecture and history inside and out.” Winona (Editor): “The project is very enjoyable and has allowed me to unleash my creative prowess, by recreating the school and editing pictures and videos for our Instagram page.” Daniel (Exterior Designer): “I am glad to be a part of this. During these hard times, we have more time on our hands – having something to work on certainly makes life more interesting, and we’re doing something very meaningful by donating to the NHS.” Panaree (Crew): “As we are all cooped up at home during these unusual times, having a virtual build of Concord College really gives me a unique sense of ease coupled with a tinge of nostalgia as I walk down the familiar hallways of the school, even though I am physically 10,000 kilometers away. “I am really grateful to be part of this project and I am glad to be able to support our frontline heroes at the NHS from so far away.” Eugene (Crew): “This has been exciting to be able to work as a team on a virtual model of our school. It gives me a sense of accomplishment after a long building session just to see our highly realistic product.” Miranda (Crew): “This project not only makes our lives more colourful but also makes us appreciate our school life. “What's more important, we are given the chance to contribute to help the NHS and people suffering from the virus. It brings everyone together in the fight against covid-19.” Access the photo gallery of the ongoing project by clicking here. Why not compare it to the college by viewing Concord’s virtual school tour? Updates are also available on the team’s dedicated Instagram page. Already, over £270 has been raised for the NHS (Shrewsbury and Telford hospitals) during this vital time, and the students hope to hit their target of £1000. If you would like to support the project, click here to securely donate.