learn about ‘World Class Study in London’

Wednesday January 30, 2019

Concord’s 6.1 students were given a flavour of world class study in London, in an enlightening lecture in Concord’s Theatre last Friday. Representatives from London School of Economics (LSE), King’s College, University College London (UCL) and Imperial College were present, and provided insightful accounts about both university living and life in London. The four speakers took to the stage, each with tailored presentations about discovering the benefits that their university has to offer, in ‘a truly global city’. Concord’s Assistant Principal (University Entry and Careers), Dr Rob Pugh said: “Although our students may not intend to study in London, it is important that they are well informed when considering their options. “The reality is that happy undergraduate students are more likely to flourish and be successful. So, it’s crucial our students receive the best recommendations and advice. “Naturally, the focus for many of our students is to achieve the very best university offers they can, and London universities certainly offer world class study and a platform for future careers.” The four speakers reiterated that London universities often seek those students who want their degree to be a platform to build on – particularly encouraging those who wish to study Masters and PhDs to apply. The representatives also highlighted the importance of extracurricular activities, voluntary involvement in course-related events in the city, and the prospect of overseas study and internships. Dr Pugh added that London universities are ‘popular choices’ and heavily applied to by Concord’s students. “We are pleased that offers for our 6.2 students have been flooding in again this year, including 14 offers for Imperial, 42 for King’s and 47 for UCL. “I hope the 6.1 students left with plenty of new information to consider in their university application process and a sense of the available world class study in London.”