released from student environmental photography competition

Monday January 18, 2021

Concord’s Student Union and Eco Club launched a photography competition at the end of last term to raise awareness of the damage that human development has done and continues to do to the environment. Students who stayed over at Concord for the Christmas holidays, as well as those who travelled home were tasked with taking and submitting their ‘best shot’ for the competition: Our World in Contrast. Ahead of the competition, Student Union member Rachel – in Concord’s Sixth Form – said: “This Christmas, let us pay more attention to the nature around us and the effects of our actions on it.” Students from all forms were encouraged to use their cameras, smart phones or other devices to snap pictures of any ‘dwindling nature in your city’, or ‘beautiful natural scenery where you live, or on campus.’ The Student Union and Eco Club were delighted with the uptake and quality of submissions, and as such, a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize have been awarded, in addition to a further three ‘special recognition’ entries, all listed below. 1st Place – Parshva (F4) “Save water and save trees to save nature or the future will result in the end.” 2nd Place – Chester (6.1) “Nature is like your grandpa, kind and full of wisdom yet vulnerable and should be protected at all costs.” 3rd Place – Daniel (6.1) “Caught a grey squirrel munching on berries behind the science block.” Special Recognition: Nian Yi (6.1), Jasmine (6.2), Rachel (6.1). Said Mrs Emma Charles, teacher of mathematics and Head of Eco Club: “I was blown away by the creativity and talent showcased in the photographs we received. It was an incredibly difficult job to be one of the judges of this competition, as I loved all of them! “What a privilege and real treat it was to see the essence of nature captured so beautifully. “Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who entered.” Prizes include a Concord teddy bear (1st Place), an eco-friendly snack box (2nd Place), and vouchers to use at a local ‘zero-waste’ store in Shrewsbury (3rd Place). Click here to view the competition photo gallery.