An invitation to Concord’s Online Open Day – 2nd February 2021

Monday January 25, 2021

With just over a week to go, Concord would like to remind you of the college’s Online Open Day on 2nd February 2021 from 10.30 am UK time. To join us, click here to register. There will be a chance to attend a live Welcome Talk by Principal Mr Neil Hawkins and the new Principal, Dr Michael Truss, who will be taking over from Mr Hawkins in September 2021. In the past, Concord has operated under the belief that ‘every day is an open day’, welcoming prospective students and their families to our beautiful campus in Shropshire. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 restrictions, this is not possible at this moment in time. In addition to the Welcome Talk, Mr Hawkins and Dr Truss will be joined by Head of Lower School, Mrs Rachel Coward, for a live Q&A session, as well as Head of Marketing, Mrs Vanessa Hawkins and Miss Pike, Admissions Secretary, who will provide insightful information on the Admissions process. Concord will also showcase its Summer School programmes, which have been running successfully for over forty years, in a presentation and Q&A with Director of Summer School, Mrs Kari Quant, and Summer course Senior Administrator, Mrs Sharon Connor. For those who sign up to the Open Day, there will be an exclusive video tour of the campus, providing a closer look at the college’s excellent facilities. “I really hope you are able to join us on the 2nd February to learn a little more about Concord and what I believe makes it so uniquely special”, said Principal Mr Hawkins. To join us for the official Open Day, please click here to register. We really hope that you will be able to join us and learn more about England’s premier international school, and we will look forward to seeing you soon.