number of Concord students help at Summer School

Wednesday August 7, 2019

A record number of Concord students are helping at Concord’s Summer School this year, working in the Assistants Team. The students, some of whom are Concord alumni – and some who will be receiving their A level or AS level results in a matter of weeks – have been assisting in the July and August courses. From 26 course, activity and boarding assistants, ten are current or former Concordians, whilst a further two alumni are assisting with Concord’s University Preparation programmes, with subjects including Law, Economics with Politics and Philosophy, Medicine, Natural Sciences and Engineering. Said Mrs Kari Quant, Summer School Director: “Having Concord students here offers a continuation from Main Term to Summer School, and helps provide an enriching Summer School experience for students from around the world. “Concord students and alumni help facilitate this experience by embodying the spirit of Concord.” Added Mrs Helen Povey, Concord’s Student Futures Officer: “It’s been brilliant to have alumni working on the University Preparation programme. “They have such a wealth of experience to share and it’s been hugely beneficial for the course students to learn from their university knowledge.” The students have had a mixture of responsibilities, ranging from classroom support, pastoral care and socialisation, to administration and registrations, as well as practical activities and lifeguard assistance. Reflecting on the summer programmes so far, Amy, who has just finished 6.2 and hopes to study Medicine at Manchester, said: “At first, when I arrived, it was sad to see the campus so empty following the end of term, but as the Summer School students arrived it began to feel like Concord again. “I have a newfound understanding of the staffs’ responsibilities, and it makes me appreciate the time and effort they put in to look after the students – like how they did for us.” Amy’s sibling Tom, who is awaiting his results for a place at Cambridge to study Natural Sciences, said: “I think it’s been beneficial having Concord students work here; we’ve used our knowledge of the school to help students find their way around and answer any questions they’ve had.” For Michael, a Concord alumni and recent PGCE graduate, he too is pursuing further education after the August programme finishes, and will be starting an MSc in Climate Change at King’s College London. Speaking of his summer experiences, Michael said: “This is now my sixth year returning to Concord. “The people are nice – the environment is nice, and it’s always developing. “I enjoy working with international students from a range of different backgrounds and cultures, and that’s a huge part of what Concord is.” Pictured above (left to right): Heidi – 2018 leaver, Michael – 2015 leaver, Chloe – 6.2, Will – 6.1, Isabel – 6.2, Thomas – 6.2, Amy – 6.2.