‘Stunning’ GCSE results at Concord

Thursday August 22, 2019

Students at Concord have achieved stunning GCSE results with over four times the national average for GCSE grades 7-9 and 10 times the national average for grade 9. Principal Mr Neil Hawkins has described as ‘quite stunning’ the statistics that include 47% of grades awarded were 9’s or equivalent which is a record; 69% were grade 8 or higher; 85% were grade 7 or higher (A*/A equivalent) and 32 students out of 80 achieved six or more grade 9s. Highest achievers include Mark who gained 11 grade 9s, Louis and Thibault who both achieved 10 grade 9s and one grade 8, and Hannah who achieved 9 grade 9s and 3 grade 8s. In congratulating Concord’s Form 5 students on their ‘wonderful’ GCSE scores, Mr Hawkins said: “Together, they have achieved one of Concord’s best sets of results, with 85% grades 7-9 and a quite extraordinary 47% grade 9 - nationally these figures are 20.8% and 4.5% respectively in 2019. “I hope that these achievements will give individuals confidence as they move into the sixth form.   When we are young, it is easy to underestimate our potential: this year’s students can use their results as further evidence that – with dedication and determination - they are capable of great things.” He added: “I am extremely grateful to teachers, tutors, heads of year, boarding teams and to the whole Concord staff for making such remarkable success possible.”