artwork for the Principal’s office

Friday November 19, 2021

Concord’s Principal, Dr Michael Truss, has been choosing some new student artwork for his office. Dr Truss intends to display a different piece of student art, chosen from a selection suggested by Head of Art Mr Hudson, in his office each year. Said Dr Truss: “I think it’s very important that the superb talent of our art students is showcased to as wide an audience as possible, and the Principal's office is somewhere that many people - parents, students and staff - will be able to see their work.” This year he chose (Dis)Connect by Wenxiu, from Concord’s A-level class of 2021. “Good art is uplifting and enriching as well as being thought-provoking, and Wenxiu’s painting is all of these things. It - and the other pieces of student work that will follow it - enhances the space around it.” He said. Wenxiu’s piece formed part of her A-level Fine Art Personal Investigation, in which she explored the relationships between individuals and their surroundings, inspired in part by the writings of Juhani Pallasmaa. She gained an A* in her A level and since leaving Concord she has gone on to study Architecture (Experimental Programme) at the Architectural Association in London. A second piece of student art, "Natural Form" by May  was chosen for Principal's Personal Assistant and Admissions Registrar, Mrs Hartshornes's, office where it can be seen by anyone visiting her or the Principal. Mrs Hartshorne particularly likes the warmth that the new piece conveys. It formed part of May's 2020 coursework which focused on "seeking a balance between nature and human endeavour".