than 500 students run in House Cross Country event

Friday October 4, 2019

This Wednesday saw over 500 students and staff members take part in Concord’s annual House Cross Country event – one of Concord’s largest inter-house competitions. With mass participation and excitement once again, the four ‘houses’ strived for victory in a vigorous and somewhat muddy cross-country course, for valuable points towards winning the coveted House Trophy. Around the campus and surrounding local area, Lower School students had to run, jog or walk a course of 2.89 km, whilst the Sixth Form course extended to 4.50 km. After a week of heavy rain, the sun shone through, and students performed ‘admirably’ according to Concord’s Sports Manager, Mr John Canney. Well done to the 502 students who took part, and the many others who supported their house teammates. 496 were recorded finishers of the race. Said Mr Canney: “It was great to see so many students taking part on what was a testing cross-country course, to gain valuable points for their respective house or simply challenge themselves against the course. “A great level of respect and camaraderie was shown between the students who enjoyed celebrating each other’s success.” Congratulations to Gandhi House for retaining the House Cross Country Trophy for a second year, including an overall win in the Upper School boys and Upper School girls races. The final standings were as follows: 1st – Gandhi (6278 points: 16 House points) 2nd – Teresa (7454 points: 12 House points) 3rd – Pankhurst (7583 points: 8 House points) 4th – Mandela (8181 points: 4 House points) A huge congratulations to all of Concord’s individual prize winners too, for their outstanding performances, as follows:  
LS Girls Year House Time
1st Wing Hin F5 Mandela 14:31
2nd Jennifer F5 Mandela 14:37
3rd Myrtle F5 Teresa 15:22
LS Boys Year House
1st Leo F5 Pankhurst 11:58
2nd Sushant F5 Teresa 12:00
3rd Ben F3 Teresa 12:51
US Girls Year House
1st Anna 6.2 Pankhurst 26:22
2nd Hannah 6.1 Teresa 26:50
3rd Liza 6.1 Mandela 27:57
US Boys Year House
1st Reuben 6.2 Gandhi 20:00
2nd Benjamin 6.2 Mandela 20:18
3rd Yehia 6.1 Gandhi 20:39
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