marks Pre-University Week support programme

Wednesday June 16, 2021

In addition to end of term assessments, June marks Concord’s annual Pre-University (Pre-U) Week – an insightful support programme for Concord’s 6.1 students, to gain momentum for higher education and careers planning. Last week commenced Pre-U ‘Light’, an introduction prior to the full Pre-U Week, whereby students could make use of meetings and recordings, to be proactive in an introduction to UK universities and the UCAS process. This included support from Tutors, in addition to a comprehensive recording covering the basics of the UCAS hub and UCAS Apply site – a new website for this academic cycle. Students were also expected to make a start on their UCAS applications, and on Wednesday 9th June, attend one of two sessions in Concord’s Theatre, for a seminar on ‘making competitive university applications’, delivered by Concord’s Assistant Principal (Careers and University Admissions), Dr Rob Pugh. Said Dr Pugh: “The ‘light’ support ahead of Pre-U week – which commences on Thursday 17th June – is aiming to be a springboard for the students, covering what we have learnt from the last cycle; what students should be doing at the moment; planning for summer and more. “During the non-seminar period last week, most students were able to meet with their university coordinator for a group meeting, for subject-specific discussions and strategies for personal statements. “Students in 6.1 also benefitted from mock admissions tests at the weekend, including specific tests such as: PAT, TSA, ENGAA, NSAA, ECAA, TMUA, MAT and LNAT. “Medics have also continued super-curricular support through the college’s Medical Society, including weekly MedSoc meetings on university applications in an ever-competitive field.” Further Pre-U activities will include additional admissions tests, one-to-one meetings with university coordinators, library planning and journal/deadline updates, lectures on qualifications and university entry requirements, academic House competitions and Concord’s Model United Nations programme and awards. More practical activities will include subject-specific workshops and masterclasses, UCAS audits, discussions groups, essay writing and university skills sessions, Oxbridge interview preparation and an outdoor education experience at the weekend. Ahead of Pre-U week, which starts this Thursday, Dr Pugh added: “Pre-U week at Concord provides valuable insights and support to our 6.1 students, both in terms of theory and application, as well as practical skills. It is with many thanks in advance for the support of Tutors, University Coordinators, Heads of Houses, Mrs Georgina Hercock (Student Futures Officer), teachers, societies and other supporting staff.”