Arts “a magical event”

Wednesday November 17, 2021

Concord’s annual House Arts competition was “a magical event” according to Assistant Principal, Dr Rob Pugh – who was one of three staff judges on the night, in the most closely-contested House Arts to date. This year’s theme for the arts-based event was ‘Lost and Found’, with students from each of the College’s four Houses required to create and perform four competition pieces – each a maximum of 5-minutes in duration, as follows:
  • Song
  • Ensemble
  • Spoken Word (Poem, recitation, dramatic performance or similar)
  • Dance
The aim – to bring fun, happiness and pleasure to the fore in all performances, in order to be crowned House Arts winners for 2021 and gain valuable points towards the coveted end-of-year House Trophy. With students from all year groups – in the hundreds – taking part, rules stipulated that an individual student must only appear in one category of the competition (or an introduction to that component), so it was vital that the Houses showcased students’ talents accordingly. However, judges also took the total number of performers into consideration for each event, as well as the overall quality, highlighting that sense of involvement and community amongst the Houses. A number of Covid-safe measures were sanctioned to ensure the safety of all performers and spectators too, including recording and live-streaming the event to allow for a larger audience outside of the Theatre. Commenting on the new guidelines for the competition, Head of Teresa House, Mr Chris Arthur said: “Some of the most exciting, creative and inventive art has taken place under great limitations and restrictions. “We encouraged all students to use the rules to fire up and inspire the ingenuity within each House.” At the end of each performance, the judges – Dr Rob Pugh, Miss Sarah Leighton and Miss Sarah Darrall, each awarded a mark out of 10 in order to judge the components from 1st to 4th place, before discussing the final standings post-event. The winners of the individual categories were as follows: Song: Pankhurst Ensemble: Mandela Spoken Word: Gandhi Dance: Teresa With the category scores all square, the judges re-convened the following day to decide on overall standings and the winner, which were announced behind Concord’s Main Hall with excited students and staff awaiting the verdict at the end of the school day. Overall ranking: 1st Mandela 2nd Pankhurst 3rd Gandhi 4th Teresa With well-spirited and jubilant scenes, it was Mandela House who reigned victorious and celebrated amongst the crowd of students and staff, as they were presented the House Arts shield. Dr Pugh said: “It was so hard to split the Houses – all of whom have been successful in their own way, but we believe Mandela are the deserving winners because of consistency in all categories. “Thank you all for your involvement in this magical event.” Vice Principal (Pastoral), Mr Jeremy Kerslake added: “Congratulations to those students who performed on stage in the House Arts competition, it was an amazing and thoroughly enjoyable event. “We are lucky to have such a talented group of students. Thank you for a truly entertaining and thought-provoking evening. “It was also wonderful to be able to get back to something like normal with such a lovely performance in our theatre.” View the House Arts 2021 photo gallery by clicking here.