Results 2022

Thursday August 25, 2022

Congratulations to Concord’s Form 5 students who received their GCSE results today. Across the entire year group, more than half of their grades were the highest possible, grade 9, and almost three quarters were at grade 8 or higher. Among the 90 students over a third were awarded at least 8 grade 9s and 18 students achieved 9 or more grade 9s. Said Principal Dr Michael Truss: “I am delighted for our Form 5. GCSEs and IGCSEs serve two purposes: they are a validation of achievement in a wide range of subjects and disciplines and also the passport to further, deeper study at A Level. “Our students have worked extremely hard over these two-year courses, the entirety of which have been dominated by the pandemic and the difficulties that this has brought to travel and study. “The fact that they have returned such stellar results is truly impressive: a just reward for their superb efforts and a testament to the efforts of all the staff who teach them and look after them so well here at Concord.” Head of Lower School, Mrs Rachel Coward added: “I am so proud of Form 5 for the positive way that they approached their GCSEs. This is a group of students who have faced – and surmounted - significant disruption in every aspect of their lives: look what they have achieved! “They are a credit to themselves, their families and to the teachers and pastoral staff who have nurtured and supported them. I am sure that they will have unusual resilience as they meet challenges in their future! I wish them well and hope that their new courses excite and stimulate them to even greater successes in the future, as befits this exceptional group of young people.”