scientists’ visit Concord

Thursday June 20, 2019

Year 6 pupils from primary and prep schools, described as the ‘scientists of the future,’ have been benefiting from an ambitious science outreach programme launched by Concord College. The connection between Concord and the primary schools of Longnor, Christ Church Cressage, St. Lawrence Church Stretton, Church Preen and Brockton as well as Prestfelde and Shrewsbury High School Prep began at the start of term. Since then science teachers from Concord have visited each of the schools who have all since spent a day at the college and has culminated in 21 of the most gifted and talented Year 6 science pupils returning to take part in a biology, chemistry and physics ‘Science Olympiad.’ Highlight of the Science Olympiad which included practical experiments was a poster competition won by St. Lawrence for their solar panels on Mars. Gold medals were presented to pupils Bonnie, Freddie and Ella. The pupils said the conclusion was that they had learned not to put solar panels on Mars because the panels could not withstand the cold and sand. The poster competition detailed the study that the teams had carried out, including their hypothesis, evidence of background research, a method and risk assessment, a table of results, a chart or graph and a conclusion. Mat Rawlinson, who teaches biology at Concord College and was organiser in charge of the primary science outreach programme, said the pupils were given investigative practical sessions that included enzymes in biology, the reactivity of a series of metals in chemistry and solar panels in physics. He told the pupils: “Your posters are amazing – absolutely brilliant. It has been good to do some real science and you have all had real ideas. You have carried out the experiments which have been brilliant – you’ll be the scientists of the future.” Whilst St. Lawrence took gold, there were silver medals for all the other schools who, said Mr. Rawlinson, had also done ‘incredibly well.’ “It must have been so hard for schools to pick only three students out of the whole school to come today. A big congratulations from us for all the work you have done as well as your selection as gifted science students.” Mr. Rawlinson said a big ‘thank you’ to Concord student helpers as well as to 18 members of staff who had been involved throughout the programme. He added that Concord would be awarding inspiring CREST certificates and badges to primary schools before the end of term. Condover and Dorrington Schools had also visited Concord over the term for practical science lessons, but did not take part in the gifted and talented part of the programme.