Results and Extraordinary Outcomes for 2020 leavers

Tuesday September 8, 2020

Congratulation’s to Concord’s Class of 2020 for the extraordinary outcomes of their exceptional A level results this summer. 6.2 students were amongst the college’s history-makers (top three years’ results) achieving impressive grades with 82.2% at A*/A and 95.8% A*-B.  And the outcomes and university destinations are nothing short of ‘extraordinary’ according to Principal, Mr Neil Hawkins. Read Mr Hawkins’ own reflections by clicking here. There are a huge number of success stories across the year group, including the following:
  • 17 Oxbridge offers
  • 28 students achieved 4 A*s or more
  • 53 students achieved 3 A*s or more
  • 37 UCL offers (a new record)
  • 18 KCL offers
  • 41 offers to study Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science
Overall, 78% of Concord’s university places were for top 10 UK universities or medical schools (90% for top 20). 2020 leaver Robbie Smith, who achieved an A* in Geography, and an A in Mathematics, Chemistry and English (AS) and will be studying Geography at Cambridge, said: “It was disappointing to leave Concord in the way we did, and missing out on end-of-year traditions, but it was a truly successful year nonetheless. “I’m delightful with my place, and look forward to meeting new people, living more independently and learning from other students and Cambridge academics. “Equally, I look forward to a reunion at Concord sometime in the future.” Also speaking of the end of term and his excellent results, 2020 leaver Will Bernasconi – who achieved an A* in Mathematics, an A in Further Mathematics and an A in Economics to secure a place at Bath University – said: “The end of term was scary in a way – obviously we were well prepared for exams, but unforeseen circumstances made me nervous of being judged right across the year to contribute towards my grades. “I’m grateful however that we were accurately assessed across our online examinations, Saturday tests, predicated grades, AS levels and teacher experiences. “Personally, I’m absolutely looking forward to university; meeting others, greater independence, and I might continue to take part in sport either competitively or recreationally, in Bath’s incredible sports facilities.” As per popular university course choices in recent years, 41 of Concord’s 2020 leavers have opted for medicine, dentistry and veterinary science – with medicine being the most subscribed with 28 places at UK medical schools alone. Reflecting on the excellent grades and university places gained, Concord’s Assistant Principal (Careers and University Admissions), Dr Rob Pugh said: “For obvious reasons, there was more uncertainty for students before and after results day this year. Yet, the overall figures are very healthy in terms of offers made and offers achieved, which is particularly encouraging. “This year was by far the largest UCAS cohort we had, so it’s been a very successful year. “As well as top UK university places, we have a number of students studying at prestigious universities around the world – also including six leavers who are going to study at US universities (Two at Berkeley, one each at UCLA, University of Southern California, Princeton and the University of Washington). Added Mr Hawkins: “In what was an unprecedented year in terms of academic disruption, I would like to thank the staff for the work that went in during lockdown, during the year and over the past years to make such outcomes possible.”