Art Books visits Concord for 10th year

Friday November 26, 2021

For the 10th year in a row, Empire Art Books has visited the College – a welcome opportunity for students and staff to keep up-to-date with latest developments and trends in the art world or gain historical knowledge, through purchasing new and old books. The annual visit consists of an Empire Art Books van, packed full of an eclectic mix of books on all aspects of art, design and creativity, which students and staff can ‘board’ just outside the Main Hall. Mr Anthony Hudson, Concord’s Head of Art, commented: “We are lucky to have an extensive book collection in the Art Department and it is a fantastic opportunity add to it. “It helps to see the publications before we buy, to get advice and seek out titles that will help students with their project work. In the past, we’ve found some hidden gems! “As well as being informative, the books are beautifully produced too which means they look great on coffee tables and make fantastic gifts.” GCSE and A level students in the past have benefited from books on art history, graphic design and architecture, fashion and industry trends, eco-art, fine art, painting, sculpturing, and more. Charles Kunesh of Empire Art Books added: “We don’t have an online shop but take our books direct to schools all over the UK. This allows teachers and students the opportunity to discuss their interests and see the books before they buy. “It’s much more convenient than buying a book online then having to send it back because it isn’t what you hoped for.” With various new books on offer this year, a stand-out purchase from the Art Department was a book dedicated to showcasing work created during, or inspired by the pandemic, which students will be able to view in the department’s growing collection. For more updates and interesting stories from the Art Department, check out their dedicated Instagram page.