Room Team Leader launches ‘ABC’ cookery book

Thursday November 5, 2020

A Dining Assistant and Team Leader from Concord’s Dining staff has announced the launch and sale of her very own cookery book, available from November 16. Mrs Anna Scott, who has worked at the college since June 2017 was ‘delighted’ to share news of the publication of her very first book: Absolute Beginners Cookery – Easy as ABC. Mrs Scott – who started at the college on a casual cover basis, soon became a full-time member of the Dining team, and later a Team Leader in December 2019 – told of how she became inspired and worked on her own business in 2017, before creating the book. She said: “I had launched my own business in 2017: ABC – Absolute Beginners Cookery, teaching cooking to novices in the comfort and cosiness of my kitchen at home. “Whilst I had written 12 courses, some didn’t seem to be of much interest, so I was left with a lot of course notes – so slowly started turning them into books.” “Whilst I never thought of myself as much of a writer – or cook or otherwise, this is how my journey transpired, and I followed a dream which grew slowly. “I am fortunate to announce that I have now got eight titles tied to a British Publisher; the first of these is due out on November 16 and the second, hopefully next May. The third is scheduled by Christmas 2021.” Speaking of the emotional journey she’s been on, Mrs Scott also mentioned that her father battled with lung cancer – and she had promised him that she would provide her mother with a home to grow old in and support her. “Even though she is fit and able at the moment, if my book achieves sales, I want to be able to purchase a home large another to accommodate my Mum when the need arises. “I promised my Dad this, and so I must make it happen.” Also reflecting on her time at Concord and influences in creating her first book, Mrs Scott mentioned that she ‘became more aware of the allergen requirements and needs of others when cooking.’ “Obviously, having had experience running a 16th century country inn with my husband, I was already aware of allergen requirements, but in recent times, this is a topic that has become more and more important for people – knowing exactly what they are eating. “In all my recipes, I highlight the allergens, but also offer in most cases an alternative, so that the recipe is still achievable, but safe to consume by such allergen sufferers. “In such uncertain times that we face and additional lockdowns and restrictions, my book is being marketed as the perfect Christmas present for spending more time at home, or easy lockdown reading – offering basic but practical tips for unconfident cooks, novices, or even those who simply want some back-to-basics refreshers.” Mrs Scott’s book is available for pre-order by clicking here, or it will be sold on Amazon from November 16 (ISBN number – 9781913740108) Absolute Beginners Cookery No, or little cookery experience? Suddenly faced with having to cook for yourself after years of being looked after? Wanting to cook and impress family and friends? Or just wanting to cook proper, homemade food? Now you can – with the help of Absolute Beginners Cookery, a fantastic one-stop source of absolute basics to get started, building confidence, ability and knowledge. Other cookery books assume some basic knowledge of cooking techniques, but this one assumes the reader has none. Easy as ABC It includes recipes and suggestions for a variety of snacks and simple main meals. Many of the meals are quick, easy and economical to make. Included are the different types of dietary requirements and food allergies, as this knowledge is becoming more and more important in people’s day-to-day lives. A good, solid understanding will keep your friends and family safe and well catered for. You can read Mrs Scott’s insightful and emotional full epilogue by clicking here.