Medical Team supporting nation’s vaccination programme

Wednesday February 10, 2021

Concord’s Medical Team is assisting with the nationwide fight against Covid-19 – including the eagerly anticipated vaccination programme, as well as ensuring a Covid-safe campus at Concord. According to Lead Nurse, Miss Pamela Tomlin: “The whole team is assisting in the fight against Covid-19 ensuring a Covid-safe campus, whilst a number of staff are assisting the NHS with staff shortages and the vaccine rollout. “Miss Helen Taylor (HCA) and myself are helping with the vaccine rollout; Miss Taylor works for the NHS as her main role, and I returned to the NHS last year over summer to work in the A&E department. “Miss Shingler and Mrs Beard also have main employment within the NHS, so are assisting during this crucial time.” Together, the team is helping at local hospitals, surgeries and other vaccination centres, whilst at Concord, they have helped set-up and conducted thousands of Covid tests, ensuring student and staff safety throughout the college. The team – consisting of five nurses and four health care assistants – will also soon have 24-hour medical cover at Concord from March 1st. Mrs Katherine Beard, who has worked at Concord since 2016, said: “As well as working in the medical centre at Concord, my main role is as a theatre/scrub nurse at RJAH Orthopaedic Hospital. I also work as a Staff Nurse on a spinal injuries ward, and since December have been a Covid-19 vaccinator too. “I have now administered approximately 400 vaccines, at two local hospitals and the bowling centre in Shrewsbury. “The vaccine drive is well organised and well supported. We have some inspirational leaders who I have worked with before.” She added: “It feels good to be part of the solution – It is a privilege to be in a unique position to join the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.” Speaking about safety precautions at Concord, Miss Tomlin said: “We have set up a ‘red medical centre’ and isolation pods, and working in conjunction with BioGrad Lab, we’ve completed PCR and antibody tests to enable students to safely fly home with the correct certificates – for those who wish to study remotely. “We’re completing PCR testing on the whole school staff and student population periodically along with the set-up of our own PCR testing facility onsite to enable immediate accurate testing if required. “Working with other teams in the college, the Boarding School’s Association (BSA) and MOSA, we are ensuring our environment is as Covid-safe as possible, for everyone. “As well as ensuring our physical environment and testing programme is in place we have been supporting students emotionally to cope with the changes to daily life during these difficult times.” Reflecting on future hopes regarding Covid-19, Miss Tomlin added: “I hope that life is able to resume to some kind of near-normality. “Whilst huge concerns remain about physical, mental health and the economy, the vaccine has given us all hope and the rollout has been phenomenal; I am hoping this will be our way out of the pandemic.”